Postal Deconstruccion

PERMANENTE project season opens this year and our mission is to establish a springboard onto an artist’s world, making connections between their work and broader interests as creative thinkers.
PERMANENTE is a transdisciplinary space for artistic creation, founded with the aim of becoming a platform to promote knowledge exchange whereas strengthening contemporary art practices. Where experimentation, participatory dialogue, and multilateral cooperation are the foundations for the management model proposed by Permanente.

PERMANENTE is located in Bogota’s Art District Colombia (BAD). Formed with the purpose of offering an alternative to new artistic enterprises.

This exhibition and series of events explore models of working cooperatively  with artists  seeing them as contributors in order to rethink the stereotypes of art system parameters.

“DECONSTRUCTION is a philosophical movement that was led by Jacques Derrida, this procedure aimed to find new meanings by adding non-linguistical exercises attempting  to reformulate the significant value of language in terms of creative writing. Nowadays it has been employed as a verb that can be applied, among other uses to criticize inconsistencies within hegemonic systems.”

PERMANENTE‘s philosophy allows artists to work actively with space, for this reason, the artworks are executed in situ, consequently, interventions are mediated by the architectural space and the proceeding methods  of each artist.  The artists taking part in this exhibition project -have previously worked the site-specific installation, some of them perform spatial approaches demeaning the origins of the material employed; others are reflecting about the strength of matter  in terms of fundamental equilibrium, others choose to address inconsistencies of materiality regarding the configuration of sculptural projects. While some of the artists gathered in here prefer to insinuate the arbitrariness of the contexts in which usually certain objects are located and how this attribute disjunct of its structural systems.

This exhibition project came about at the point where sculpture and site-specific installation meet, with non-figurative artworks created by artists.  we aim to connect the exhibition’s particular architecture properties with contextual acts, as an important shift of the project.

The pieces assembled here appear to transit the spectrum of three-dimensionality, then this assortment of interventions can be understood as an examination of the sculpture, which in turn involve nontraditional building procedures, hence the techniques and materials used by the artists can raise doubts about the sculptural practice  differing from academic conceptions related to this question.

We are interested in questioning:
What happens when the artworks in its most radical format of display interact with the local art scene, and what are the attributes of this exhibition? What features does an installation for the public to want to identify with?

Deconstruction encourages  to rethink, how emotions disappear when inanimate objects invade our creative habits. These artworks underline  the elaborate layers and strategies of re-reconfiguration and installation. The aim of this exhibition is to focus on and think through as a community which attempts might generate a suitable independent art space for both scholars and the general public.

Among the exhibited works are open-air installations Boris Perez presents his artistic observation about the Bogota Art District regarding gentrification and, how Bogota rare urbanism politics are open to a myriad of interpretations generating different formats of construction. His installation includes scale models and architectural sculptures produced in a varied range of  wooden materials, as well as the artist’s large installation titled “Here  your dream house is built.

Participant artists:

Harrison Tobón
Boris P
Laura Peña
Andrés Matías Pinilla + Gustavo Niño
Fredy Alzate
Luz Ángela Lizarazo
Natalia López-La Reina
Hernando Velandia
Verónica Lehner
Ximena De Valdenebro
César León
Karen Aune

Curator: John Ángel Rodriguez

DECONSTRUCTION exhibition will run from February 25 through March 31, 2016.

Address: Carrera 22 # 75-08
Tel: 573124003444


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